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Edinburgh – majestic capital of Scotland

(Introduction to Travel Review from project members on citytravelreview programme, Summer 2015, Edinburgh)

In Lothian on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, around a majestic castle, we find the capital of Scotland. A city that uniquely embodies the history and culture of its country.
From high up Arthur‘s Seat down to Portobello beach, through the Old and New Town there is much to find, whether for people preferring urban life or admirers of nature. If you are willing to get in touch with Edinburgh‘s facets and know where to look, you will be able to find new things and perspectives. It is perfect to enrich your life regarding the own preferences as well as unfamiliar, yet exciting experiences and encounters.
Auld Reekie (“Old Smokey”) is the nickname which was given to Edinburgh because of the constantly smouldering chimneys of the factories of former times. Like Rome it was built on seven hills.
With an overwhelming number of ways to be explored, Edinburgh‘s visitors should have a notion on what to do and what to expect when entering the area. Also, they have to prepare for some of the rather ‚dreich days‘ (Scottish saying for cold and damp weather).
This guide will lead you through the contorted streets where you can discover something new behind every corner.
Not only does Edinburgh offer traditional Scottish tourist experiences like haggis, pubs and kilts. It has become a venue of different generations and cultures that benefit
from each other.
After trying all the possibilities this city has to offer in every sector, you will realize that Edinburgh Castle is surrounded by as much greatness as it has on its own.
The sheer amount of places filled with history and myths still plays an important part in today‘s vibrant youth culture. The addition of influences and flavours from all around the world are a part of the special charm of the city. This should break the last bits of any misconceptions left about a raw, completely conservative Edinburgh.

Artur Sommer, Veronique Maaß


Barcelona: Places of Interest – Museu de la Xocolata

An article by Zoe Adia, a member on the CityTravelReview programme, Barcelona, Summer 2014

Are you a chocolate lover? Willy Wonka believer? Fudge fan? You have not been left out amigo! To experience chocolate in its fullness, take a gluttonous trip to Museu de la Xocolata. You will soon discover that chocolate is not limited to a cheap bar, but has a plethora of purposes. The museum takes you on a journey from its origins to many artistic forms. It also gives a historical lesson into Catalonia’s own chocolatier past, and into its present. You will see detailed chocolate sculptures of some of Barcelona’s famous sights, like the Sagrada Familia, from a more palatable perspective. For the foodies, there is a brandy and chocolate combining workshop, which actually allows you to sample different types of chocolate, and see what type of brandies best compliment its flavour. There are other workshops and activities that cater for all age ranges. This destination will give you a new-found appreciation for this sweet anti-depressant and edible problem solver.